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I've been a wisenheimer my whole life - a smart alecky little boy, an arrogant adolescent, an impudent young man unafraid to crack-wise on a stranger. Maybe that's why I like the Spenser novels so much.

I like quirky and weird and funny: If only John Irving and Carl Hiaasen could spawn a baby together; I'd settle for them writing forever.

I want Pat Conroy to write my eulogy, but only if Bruce Springsteen is not available.

My mom says even as a wee-little-boy I had a fantastic imagination. With my army men... a Ken doll... a bag of jacks... and a deck of cards... I could fight the forces of evil for hours on end.

I saw Star Wars in the movie theater when I was seven... then spent two weeks in the family room with a wiffle ball bat fighting Darth Vader with my lightsaber.

Most of my life I've had visions. I used to sing in the shower, but now I give voice to the stories in my head; then I have to quickly run out to write it down before I forget.

I was 35 years old before I was confident enough to call myself a writer.

There are only three good things that can happen when you read a book; you laugh, you cry, or you think. (I borrowed that from Jimmy V's espy speech) That's the kind of stories I try to write... but I can only guarantee that they will be funny!

I have a life long love affair with semi colons and ellipses but only a cursory knowledge of how to use them properly!


The Can't-Miss Kids is the first in a series of 5 Novellas involving Jimmy Durant's life growing up in an upper-middle class New Jersey suburb.

I'm JohnnyK and pay the bills by writing promos for tv news in San Francisco.